Da Kine’s Kava: Durham’s Alcohol-free bar

When I heard there was an alcohol-free bar that opened in Durham, I was very excited to check it out since I don’t drink. I still go out with friends to bars sometimes, but bars often don’t have a wide range of fun, non-alcoholic options and just ordering a coke or club soda with a lime can get old.

Zoey Best, Co-Owner of Da Kine’s Kava said she and her husband Brent wanted to open their bar to be a space for people to go and socialize, but without the booze. They wanted it to appeal to anyone, whether you drink or not, to be a space to grab an alternative drink option and relax. And relaxing is just what Kava makes you do.

I’d never heard of Kava, so I was very curious to check it out. I drove out to Durham, and got to Da Kine’s which is located on Chapel Hill St. in Durham, right near downtown. The building has big garage doors they can open when the weather is nice, and all the decorations and furniture give the bar a beachy vibe.

Zoey and Brent love the beach, and they wanted the atmosphere to feel like a laid back, beach getaway. I am happiest when I’m at the beach, so I loved the feel of hanging out there.

I’m sure anyone who hasn’t tried Kava is wondering what it is and why people drink it. If you visit the Da Kine’s Kava website, you’ll read, “Kava is the common name of the tropical shrub Piper methysticum, which grows in the Pacific Islands. When ingested the kavalactones in kava roots provide natural stress-relief, reduce anxiety, and promote a state of mental well-being and physical relaxation.”

When I tried it, I ordered a Kava cocktail called Haleakala Sunrise, which is a mix of their Guava Colada bottled Kava with a strawberry drizzle. On top of the drink being absolutely delicious and refreshing, my experience with drinking Kava for the first time was that it made me feel relaxed and mellowed out both physically and mentally.

Da Kine’s also serves a variety of other drinks which you can check out on their online bar menu. You can also take home bottled Kava, in flavors such as Hibisbus Lemonade, Cucumber Mojito, Traditional Kava and more.

Not only do they offer Kava, but also plenty of other non-alcoholic options including alcohol-free wine and beer, mocktails, coffee, and a variety of teas. So if you try Kava and aren’t a fan or prefer to have another type of alcohol-free drink, there are plenty of options.

If you’re interested in visiting Da Kine’s Kava, they are open from 12pm-8pm Tuesday – Sunday, with late night hours until 10pm on Friday and Saturday. They are located at 1114 W Chapel Hill St, Durham, NC 27701.

I loved this place, and I’ll definitely be driving from Raleigh to make this a regular hang out spot for myself! It feels like a relaxing, beachy getaway without having to go all the way to the beach.

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