I’m Jacqueline Lee and I live in Raleigh with my golden retriever puppy, named River and my cat, Sookie. I’m a North Carolina native, having grown up in Winston-Salem. The real estate and home building business has been a huge part of my life ever since I was little since my dad started his own custom home building business and my mom is an interior decorator. I grew up learning about the home building industry, and learned from both of my parents about how to build a business and give clients the best experience possible.

I came to Raleigh about seven years ago to attend N.C. State and have stayed ever since because I love this city. Because of my background growing up, passion for sales and helping people, I decided to begin a career in real estate. I’m very passionate about my job, and strive to give home buyers and sellers the best experience possible.

I love Raleigh because there’s always something new and exciting to do. There are always opportunities to connect with new people, while also running into a familiar face. I enjoy trying new restaurants and exploring local shops, so I’ve used my blog to not only talk about real estate, but also to feature my favorite local businesses. I hope to offer it as a guide to anyone thinking of moving to Raleigh to see what our city is like.

I assist both home buyers and sellers across the Triangle area, so please reach out to learn how I can help with all your real estate related needs. I’m also available to answer any questions about Raleigh in general.

Jacqueline Lee, Realtor



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