Seaboard Cafe: Where the locals eat

If you’re looking for a relaxed, outdoor lunch in a beautiful setting, Seaboard Cafe is a Raleigh establishment you do not want to miss. The cafe is located inside Logan’s Garden Shop at Seaboard Station, which gives the restaurant a very unique atmosphere.

If you’ve never been to Logan’s, it’s a charming garden shop right near downtown Raleigh. Every time I dine at the cafe, I take time to walk around Logan’s to look at the plants. Sometimes I end up buying a plant or some type of home decor, and other times I use this as a break in my day from work to clear my mind and appreciate the beautiful nature of this peaceful spot.

Once I’ve had some time to explore the plant selection, I make my way over to the cafe to eat. Though sometimes I do this in reverse order, depending on how hungry I am!

On top of the food being absolutely delicious, the cafe staff is very friendly. Cafe owner, Rick Perales, calls his staff the “heart of my cafe.”

Rick greets customers as he takes their food orders, extending kindness and hospitality to every person, which brightens up my day. This is the kind of spot where you can tell there are many regulars, and Rick makes a point to say hi to each one by name. He’s always eager to welcome new guests, and it makes dining here feel like you’re really part of the local, Raleigh community.

But it’s time to talk about the food! I have several dishes I like to order. My favorite sandwich is called “Veggies on Sunflower Bread,” which comes with cheddar and swiss cheese layered with lettuce, red onion, tomato, sprouts, mayo, cucumber and pickle. You can order this sandwich cold or grilled. I like both, depending on what I’m craving. They also have delicious soups. One that’s perfect right now for it being so hot out is their chilled gazpacho soup.

Pictured below is the grilled “Veggies on Sunflower Bread,” which comes with their famous pickled carrots on the side. Honestly, I’m not even a fan of carrots and I think they’re amazing.

If you’re ordering a sandwich, you have to order a cup of their homemade soup or a muffin. Muffins are baked from scratch by kitchen staff member, Yemi, and include flavors such as pumpkin, Jalapeño cheddar corn, or chocolate chip. Or if you’re a big fan of raspberries like I am, they offer a very unique pasta salad that has a raspberry-dijon sauce.

The cafe also has daily features of different sandwiches and salads that they change regularly. Rick said some of their most popular items are the chicken and tuna salad. One grilled sandwich comes with tuna salad and cranberries, which makes for a savory/sweet combo.

Rick and his staff have been working hard to serve customers efficiently and safely during the current conditions of the pandemic. You can order takeout by calling in at 919-821-7553 or ordering online through their website. Also you can order from your phone by downloading the “Seaboard Cafe” app. The app is very helpful, and easy to use.

Rick’s staff is diligent about sanitizing the kitchen and restaurant and employees are required to wear masks. While there is indoor seating, the majority is outdoors which makes for safe, socially distanced dining.

Hungry yet? I sure am after writing this. Go visit Seaboard Cafe and try this delicious food! You’ll leave having enjoyed a wonderful meal, and feel relaxed and happy after experiencing the beautiful atmosphere of this cafe and roaming the flower shop. This is a charming Raleigh spot that will make you feel like a true local.

The cafe is open Monday-Saturday from 11:00am-2:30pm. Closed on Sunday.

Jacqueline Lee


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