Top interior design trends in 2020

For those who don’t know, I’ve grown up around homebuilding my whole life. My dad is a custom homebuilder in Winston-Salem with a company called Homes by Jonathan Lee. My mom, Alicia Lee, is also an interior decorator. They work as a team with my mom helping my dad’s clients select every detail of their custom home.

I grew up going to appointments with my mom and her clients, seeing them pick out accessories such as lighting, cabinets, and granite countertops. My favorite appointments were at 1502 Fabrics in downtown Winston-Salem because my brother and I would play hide and seek among the rows in the store that contained giant rolls of fabric. We loved getting samples cut of our favorite ones to take home. 1502 is no longer in downtown Winston, but has a location in High Point.

Recently I spoke with my mom, Alicia, to ask for her input about what she’s seen as the most popular interior design trends so far in 2020. As we talk through the different trends, you’ll see see pictures of the work she’s done with her clients on homes that were built by Homes by Jonathan Lee.

A style of home that has been around for some time, but still has a great amount of popularity is the modern farmhouse which was made popular by Chip and Joanna Gaines. Alicia said that the most popular look for the exterior of a home with this style has been using white siding with black windows.

For interior colors, Alicia has had clients choose to have white walls with white trim, while adding wood and brick features.

“Adding wood beams or brick accent walls brings a feeling of warmth to a home,” said Alicia. “Adding these touches gives the home a rustic feel. I like the use of the brick because it also gives a cool warehouse, loft vibe to a room.”

Alicia has also had clients add texture to walls with wallpapers such as grass cloth. Or they’ve added textured, modern walls or ceilings such as in the home below.

For lighting, most of Alicia’s clients have been selecting ones with a transitional style that have clean, straight lines.

“I haven’t had any clients recently who have picked out traditional style lighting,” said Alicia. “They’ve been picking transitional, contemporary lighting with clean lines.”

She said they also will pick light fixtures or a fan that’s contemporary, but has a twist that gives it an artistic flair such as the sputnik lights pictured next. This picture also features the trend of using black and white but adding the pop of gold with the lighting and hardware. For entertaining, it would be a chic detail to use gold-colored silverware to match.

Also, notice the handles on the cabinets featured above. The trend with hardware in homes with this style has been to pick ones that have a simple, modern look to go with the contemporary lighting. Alicia said currently her favorite lighting is by Currey and Company and Generation Lighting.

She’s also styled homes where Midcentury modern features have been blended into the use of the modern farmhouse trend such as with the lighting, mirrors, and floating vanities pictured below.

Alicia said to stay current with what trends are becoming popular, she pays attention to new collections and always attends the High Point Furniture Market. Also of course HGTV is on almost 24/7 in their home.

We would love to hear your comments on which of these you like most or what other styles you’d like to see more of this year. Leave a comment and let us know!

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